Get Involved

…and bring hope to the community

In order to make this the shining light in the community, that we are aiming for, we need funding.

Supplying good nutritious food is high on the priority list, as these little kiddies are in their formative years and their little bodies and brains can’t develop to their full potential if they are undernourished.

All other donations such as old clothing (children and adults), shoes, blankets, curtains, household goods, kitchenware, toys etc are all very welcome.

There are also basic costs to be covered like electricity, water, gas, security, maintenance etc.

With an income of R20,000 per month great things can be achieved at the Centre. We are hoping to reach this target by getting MANY people to give a LITTLE, on a monthly basis.

Direct Giving by Debit Order

Our aim is to get two hundred people to donate R100 each on a monthly basis, that would bring us to the R20,000 target.

200 x


= R20,000 + HOPE

I know that there are many people who would like to make a difference, but just don’t know where to start, or think they can’t afford to help the underprivileged. By setting up a very affordable debit order of R100 a month, one can become part of a group of caring citizens, who are “Transforming Hardships into Hope”.
What a wonderful feeling waking up every morning, knowing that YOU ARE making a difference in somebody’s life.

Our banking details are:

Ithemba Labasha Centre
Ned Bank Acc No: 1098605667
Code No: 131026

Swift code for international donors


Ithemba Labasha has been approved by SARS as a Public Benefits Organization (PBO), which enables us us to give individuals/companies a Section 18A receipt for qualifying donations.
Our Donors can then claim Tax deduction when submitting their tax Returns.

We also have a Beneficiary Recognition Certificate which will assist donors in getting a better BEE score.

PBO Certificate

BR Certificate